Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

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Unistar Chemical has been creating innovative dry cleaning solvents since 1995. Our nPB-based dry cleaning solvent, is non-chlorinated, non-flammable and helps contribute to a safer workplace.
Extensive testing and research has shown nPB to clean better and faster than PERC. Also, due to the less hazardous chemical makeup of nPB, companies don’t have to worry about costly environmental compliance and waste disposal issues typically associated with PERC. Because it’s considered an industrial waste and not a hazardous waste by the EPA, Our nPB based solvent is far less expensive to use and dispose of than virtually any other solvent on the market. Shortest Dry to Dry Cycle Times of Any Solvent (28-32 minutes).


• Best Cleaning Ability and Solvency (KB Value = 130)
• Non Flammable
• Uses Only 10-15 PSI Steam Pressure to Fully Cook Per Load
• Decreased Utility Costs over Alternatives
• Low Boiling Temperature (160F) for High Energy Efficiency
• Low Drying Temperature (120F) is Gentle on Garments
• Reduced Running Time vs. Alternatives
• Higher Garment Throughput = Reduced Labor Cost per Garment
• Shut Boiler down Earlier in the Day
• No Filters (Continuous Distillation Process)
• Runs on Only 2 tanks (1 operating, 1 storage)
• Low Waste Disposal Cost
• Generates Less Lint and Waste due to Lower Temperatures

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