n-Propyl Bromide


Unistar  Chemical is a supplier of high quality, stabilized n-propyl bromide industrial cleaners. Our commitment has culminated in a superior cleaning solution for metal degreasing and precision cleaning.

n-propyl bromide (nPB) leaves virtually no residue. There are many acceptable methods to using , including vapor degreasing, ultrasonics, dip tanks, flushing and cold cleaning. Our original patented stabilizer formula provides for consistent performance, rust inhibition as well as superior soil penetration and lifting properties.


Advantages of nPB as Solvents:

  • Non Chlorinated

  • Non Flammable (No Flash Point)

  • Superior Acid Neutralization

  • White Metals Reaction Prevention

  • Superior Soil Lifting (KB Value = 130)

  • Rust Formation Prevention

  • Minimal Non Volatile Residue

  • U.S. EPA SNAP Approved

  • Non Hazardous Air Pollutant

  • Non Ozone Layer Depleting

  • Low Global Warming Potential

  • Non Hazardous Waste (US DOT)

  • Very Short Environmental Fate

  • Biodegrades Rapidly in the Environment

  • Non Hazardous Decomposition

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