Why Unistar

Reason To Choose us

Founded in 1991 by Mr. Farui Zheng, Unistar has been dedicated to providing well-performing, high-quality, and sustainable chemical products to meet the increasing needs of a developing global chemical industry. As a leading chemical manufacturer of basic and intermediate chemicals, our products portfolio includes solvents, foam blowing agents, surfactants, and specialty products for pharmaceuticals and foods .


At Unistar Chemical, we are driven by the enthusiasm of protecting our environment and reducing our operational footprint.In the past century, traditional chemicals were used extensively used in different aspects of human life. While providing tremendous convenience to our life, traditional chemical also brought harm to the environment, human health, and even the livelihood our next generation. As a leading chemical manufacturer, Unistar Chemical has been committed to sustainable and future-oriented development, from product development and production process to waste recovery.

Innovative products

Unistar Chemical believe innovation is a crucial part in our growth, and innovative products that satisfies not only economic but also environmental and social needs are truly the path to a more sustainable development. During the past decade, Unistar Chemical has gained massive technology advantage through investing in innovative products. Our new generation solvent has surpassed similar products in the market in its safety level to human health and its ability to protect the Ozone layer and lower greenhouse gas emission. We also have various ongoing research projects that will provide our clients with safer, more efficient and sustainable chemical solutions in the near future.

Recycling Programs

Form the beginning years of Unistar Chemical, we have been actively implementing recycling programs. For instance, to avoid cadmium spread in the soil, Unistar reuses cadmium to produce cadmium compound sponge iron with double-reduction technology. 

At the moment, we have also launched the N-PB recycling program with the purpose of protecting the Ozone and lowering the greenhouse effects.

Process Optimization

The chemical production is a process that consumes different raw materials and usually generates a lot of by-products. Our research team at Unistar Chemical pays special attention to optimizing our production process. By constant adjudications, we have achieved lower energy consumption and by-products, and at the same time higher purity and quality of desired products.

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