• Dry Cleaning

    Unistar Chemical has been creating innovative dry cleaning solvents since 1995. Our nPB-based dry cleaning solvent, is non-chlorinated, non-flammable and helps contribute to a safer workplace. Extensive testing and research has shown nPB to clean better and faster than PERC. Also, due to the less hazardous chemical makeup of nPB, companies don’t have to worry…

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  • Electronic Cleaning

    Unistar chemcial is a leading manufacturer of basic and intermediate chemicals for solvents ,foam blowing agent and refrigerant. In addition to manufacturing the most advanced solvent, Unistar Chemical also devote to produce safer, more environmental friendly chemical solution across the entire manufacturing industry. Trans-DCE is a direct replacement for n-PB and other traditional chlorinated and…

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  • Medical Cleaning

    Unistar chemical have a well- diversified profile to meet our customers in Medical Equipment Cleaning area. Currently we are manufacturing 4 lines of precision cleaning solvent used worldwide for cleaning instruments, implants and other devices. Our solvents remove oil and organics, leaving no residue and satisfying the stringent standards for your medical facility. Unistar is…

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